Rights & Wrongs: Rights, Privileges and Misconceptions

We are here to explore the world of Rights, Privileges, Legal systems, and the misconceptions surrounding them. Join us as we listen to guest speakers from varying fields of expertise. As we learn about the meaning of the Buzzwords, Philosophies, and Structures that affect our daily lives. Such as Human Rights vs. Civil Rights or Legal Privilege vs. Social Privilege. Learn more at www.Rightsandwrongspodcast.com

Episode 12: Starting a Business & Management Skills with Linda Guild

January 22nd, 2021

Join me and Linda Guild the CEO of both the Talented Alliance of Part-time Professionals (TAPP) and The Guild Assocciates Inc, as we explore what to consider when creating a Non-Profit or Non-Govemernatal Organization, along with how to find a management style that works for you. We also took a deep dive into how the professional world has changed in this past year with predictions of how Covid 19 will change how and where we do business in the future.

To learn More about  Linda Guild and TAPP check out https://new.tapponline.net/wp/


Audio Editor: Nel B.

Producer: George O. 


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