Rights & Wrongs: Rights, Privileges and Misconceptions

We are here to explore the world of Rights, Privileges, Legal systems, and the misconceptions surrounding them. Join us as we listen to guest speakers from varying fields of expertise. As we learn about the meaning of the Buzzwords, Philosophies, and Structures that affect our daily lives. Such as Human Rights vs. Civil Rights or Legal Privilege vs. Social Privilege. Learn more at www.Rightsandwrongspodcast.com

Episode 13: Systemic Racism in Financial Institutions with J. Kevin Powell

January 30th, 2021

Join me and J. Kevin Powell the host of the Open Windows Culture Podcast, as we speak on the topic he has dedicated his entire first season to Systematic Racism in Finacial Instatatuion. Throughout this episode, we will discuss the differences between Systematic and Systemic, Race vs Culture, and how to not only recognize the questionable roots of the financial structures of the United States. Along with a deeper look at  how the good & bad intentioned policies of the past are still affecting our future in unforeseen & hidden ways. 

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