Rights & Wrongs: Rights, Privileges and Misconceptions

We are here to explore the world of Rights, Privileges, Legal systems, and the misconceptions surrounding them. Join us as we listen to guest speakers from varying fields of expertise. As we learn about the meaning of the Buzzwords, Philosophies, and Structures that affect our daily lives. Such as Human Rights vs. Civil Rights or Legal Privilege vs. Social Privilege. Learn more at www.Rightsandwrongspodcast.com


March 12th, 2021

Join Frank Scalise as he hosts a Panel of Law Enforcement Professionals from all around the world. Frank served as a Police Captian in  Spokane, Washington USA. He is joined by Elizabeth Nguyen Head of Communications for the Regina Police Department in Canada, Larry Scirotto the youngest assistant Police Chief of the Burrough of Pittsburg Police USA, & Mick Myers an Inspector of the Victorian Police Department of Australia. In this panel, they will discuss their perspectives of the relationship between the police and those they are charged to protect. along with the rifts that are created through the realities and misconceptions of the job. I encourage you to listen to this exciting episode of the Rights & Wrongs Podcast


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Host/ Audio Editor: Frank Scalise 

Producer: George Oakes  

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